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From WIP, Pina Colada 18+ tease

Matt got in the pool beside her without a splash, sliding in effortlessly. His whisper in her ear sent tingles down her neck to her aching breasts. “You’re so pretty. You must know I find you attractive. I’ve only got a few days of my holiday left, and historic sites apart, you’re the best looking thing I’ve seen all week. Are you with anyone?”

Samantha’s stomach flipped. This was what she’d hoped for. “No, I’m not with anyone. I came to warm up in the sun, stretch out like a cat.”

Matt kissed her ear before he whispered back. “Let me stroke you.”

Her cooled pussy clenched, suddenly hot with sexual need. She turned to face Matt.

He took her face in his hands and kissed her.

Samantha felt that kiss all the way through her body. His lips possessed hers. Softness turned to nibbles. He bit her bottom lip gently, a tease that opened her mouth to his tongue. He slid his tongue on hers. She slipped her arms around his neck to have his kiss for longer. Every muscle in her body felt melted. His kiss heavenly, sending throbs through her pussy, and she heard his low moan as she pressed her body against his.

They bobbed in the water, clinging together. It felt natural to bring her legs around his waist. It felt so good when he cupped her ass. He kneaded there and thrust his erection against her pussy as the fabric of their clothes thinned in the water. It made the contours of his cock deliciously apparent and Samantha sighed against his mouth.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 

Welcome back to author Hunter S. Jones with her new release September Again

Hunter S. Jones
An Anonymous English Poet

According to Cherokee beliefs, opportunity will bless you twice.
September Again, second in the series, September Stories, is the follow up to the hugely popular indie sensation, September Ends. September Again finds Liz Snow Savage leaving England. She follows her daughter Zelda Savage back to America after Zelda’s betrayal of her. More drama ensues as Liz looks for meaning in life while Zelda finds her direction after the tragedy of losing Jack O. Savage, The Poet. Set mainly in Chattanooga, Tennessee, September Again chronicles the rhythm of life's cycles. The ebb and flow of love unravel the mystery of Liz's past. September Again allows a further glimpse into the intricate web of passion and desire which have entangled Liz Snow, Pete Hendrix and Jack O. Savage for years. Will a chance encounter finally reveal the truth?  What act will change the destiny of Liz and Zelda forever? The story of sin, salvation and redemption continues in Book 2 of the September Stories, told through a mosaic of prose with a smattering poetry.
Magic happens when you least expect it.

Amazon US buy link - http://amzn.to/1qAR9kK
Amazon UK buy link - http://amzn.to/1iPjJJ9

From 'Stories of Serendipity' Contemporary erotic romance, 'My Mistake'

Welcome to Serendipity, Texas, where the days are hot and the nights are steamy.  Meet real people with real problems, as they live life and find love in a small town.
12 years ago, Brent walked away from his one big love, and has regretted it ever since.  He’s done nothing but make mistake after mistake with his life.  Now, he’s finally getting his act together, starting up a sanctuary for abused and neglected horses, and staying clean. 
Casey had put Brent out of her mind the best way she knew how, by going on with her own life: getting married and trying to have kids.  When her marriage ends up being a mistake, she moves back in with her mother in Serendipity to lick her wounds.  What she doesn’t expect is Brent, waltzing back into her life.
Can they put their own and each other’s mistakes behind them to move forward together?  When Casey’s life is put in danger, Brent steps up, but will it be enough?
My Mistake is book seven in the Stories of Serendipity.  You will meet some of the same characters, but they are all stand-alone novels.

Buy Links:  Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1elTpF1
Barnes and Noble:  http://bit.ly/PFyEhN
Smashwords:  http://bit.ly/1jUFv1T

Read an excerpt:

He rolled over on his side, spooning Casey against his chest, holding her close.  She could feel him inhale deeply, and exhale with repletion.

“This hay is itchy,” she remarked as he sucked on her shoulder.  She was pretty sure he was leaving hickeys.

“Is it?” He mumbled, distractedly.

“Yes, it is.  Are you done out here for today?  Or can we go inside?”

“Nope.  I’ve still got some things to do out here.” He moved his mouth lower on her back and started sucking a new spot.

“Like what?”

“Well, I intended to have sex with you on that barrel, but somehow got distracted.  So, sex on the barrel is first on my agenda.  After that there’s a spot in the hayloft I wanted to try out.”  He rubbed his stubble against her back as he talked and she arched against it.  “Then there’s my office…I’ve been imagining some really amazing things in my office.  And the tack room…”  He thrust his newly erect again penis against her rear.  “Do you have any idea how much leather there is in the tack room?  Oh god, all that leather.”  He started to stand, dragging her with him.  “I want to start in the tack room.”

She was suddenly reminded of a child, and laughed out loud at him.  “Is sex all you think about?”

He froze and his face fell, as he looked to the ceiling in thought.  Finally, his eyes met hers again.  “Not always.  There’s times when I just imagine you naked.”  He scooped her up and threw her over his shoulder impervious to her squeals before he stalked towards the tack room and kicked the door open.
About the author:

Anne Conley lives in a small town in East Texas, with her husband, two kids and numerous goats.  She brazenly stole her pseudonym from her great-grandmother, a true pioneer woman who raised seven kids alone: churning butter, plucking chickens, knitting clothes, and putting coal oil on every visible wound.  Anne’s Stories of serendipity feature real people, living life and finding love in a small town.  She also has a Paranormal Romance series, the Four Winds about archangels “falling” in love and coping with turning into humans. Her writing is escapist therapy, and she succumbs to it every chance she gets.

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