A strangely named place, a tantalizing signpost, and she's lost to her curiosity #MWTease #shifters #menage

From Swoop On Love an Evernight menage release #MWTease 

Swoop on Love
Lured to the place by its intriguing name, Jeanie was to find no owls lived there, but someone or thing does…will she realize before it’s too late?

Suspense…shifters…sex…and love

Jeanie explores her new neighborhood and finds a strange little road leading to a place with an intriguing name. Owlswick. It’s Saturday and she has no plans, as usual, why not drive down this road? What she finds there is even more fascinating than the place name, and to her delight, a very attractive man lives there. Too bad he’s furious with her for taking a photograph. Why is that? What will Jeanie find when she checks the picture out at home later?
A love story, graphic sex scenes and a twist of fantasy suspense, 18+
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Read the tease:

They fell into each other’s arms. Nathan pulled her close and kissed her softly. Jeanie responded to him. She pressed against him with such passion it filled him with a longing he’d not experienced for many years. He drew back from her and rested his forehead against hers. They breathed against each other for a moment before Nathan kissed her again. Down her neck, across her throat, up to her ear, where he lingered and whispered, “You’re so lovely.”
She pushed closer and he cupped her bottom, pulling her in so that she could feel his cock hard against her. It felt so good to press against her, that he lost himself in kissing her. He nibbled her bottom lip. At her gasp of desire, his stomach clenched and his cock jerked. He slid his tongue against hers and kissed her until he couldn’t breathe. Her body felt so right against his, and he savored the taste of her lips, the softness of her ass in his hands. His heart pounded and although he hadn’t set out to, he wanted it all to be real. He thrust against her, ramming her back against her car. She clung to him, murmuring low sounds of pleasure. His cock was so hard he thought he might come right then when she smoothed her hands down the back of his thighs, leaving a trail of heat through his jeans.
He wondered how he could get her to take him home and pushed her T-shirt up so that he could kiss her breasts. He trembled at the thrilling thought of having her nipples in his mouth, and he pulled the lace cup of her bra away. He kissed her lips then left them to swoop on her exposed breast. He opened his mouth to have as much of her breast in there as possible, and closed his eyes as he sucked. His cock strained against his zipper, and with a low moan, he stopped sucking her breast.
She clutched at his head. He kissed her open mouth sucking in the tip of her tongue as it met his. Then she was opening his jeans. His heart beat hard in his chest. If she touched his cock he’d come because it had been so long. He groaned. All he could think of was fucking. He grabbed her hand and moved it away from his zipper. He stopped the kiss reluctantly, his eyes heavy with lust he opened them to look at Jeanie.
“Not here, we’re so close to other cars. Take me home with you.” He didn’t wait for an answer. He kissed her again, and again, raiding her mouth, biting her bottom lip, until she held his face still. He was losing control and the sheer lust tearing him apart shocked him. He moaned as her lips left his to answer him.
“Okay, but we have to stop kissing and get in the car to go home.”
He smiled at her and took a deep breath.
“Yes.” Nathan’s voice shook.
They let go of each other. His hand trembled as he opened the car door, then when Jeanie was inside he walked carefully around to the passenger side. He sat down and looked across at her. She watched him. Her eyes were dark. He closed his against the urge to lunge at her, and drag her face back to his to cover it with wet kisses.
She started the engine and drove slowly out of the car park. The road had few streetlights, and as they left the glow from the restaurant lights behind, Nathan leaned so that he could reach Jeanie and slipped his hand up inside her T-shirt. He found her breast still outside of the lace cup and her nipple was standing up. He smoothed his hand around on her breast. His breath quickened. He rolled her nipple between his fingertips.
She gave a small sound, an “uh” of pleasure. His cock leaked.
He unzipped her jeans, desperate to stroke along her stomach, to feel the soft V at the junction of her thighs as she drove.
She gasped as he trailed his fingers as far down to her pussy as he could.
Uncaring of safety, he unclipped his seat belt, leaning further to kiss under her ear, and then suck her ear lobe. Her low moan enticed him. He probed further with his fingers.
“Nathan, I can’t drive with you doing this.”
Her words woke him from a haze of lust.
Mercifully, they approached Owlswick. He took his hands from her. “Sorry, I need you so much now. I had to touch you. We could stop here. Go past The Art Barn, drive alongside the empty houses.”
Jeanie did as she was told and brought the car to a stop down the driveway of the furthest empty house. She switched off the engine and turned to him.
Nathan brought her face to his and kissed her urgently. “No one will see us here. Let’s get out. I’m desperate to hold you close.” His breathe came in snatches. He ached for her body against his. His desperation ate at his composure. He kissed her hard until his lips hurt.
Her kiss matched his and she bit his bottom lip.
“Let’s get out.” It was a plea through his passion bruised lips. He let her go.
She nodded and opened her car door. She turned back to him, ran her fingers along his jaw, and her touch sent waves of lust straight to his cock.
They kissed softly once more and then both got out of the car.

Copyright Elodie Parkes Evernight Publishing All rights reserved

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Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, it's the meet my character blog hop post, and meet Drew Devereux #confessions #erotic

Author SJ Maylee invited me to the hop and posted her character post last week, read it here.

Today meet Drew from the story, Clip my Wings within Confessions of a Sex Addict.

Hi Drew, tell us something about the book you have a role in.

Thank you for inviting me here.
I'm in the story, Clip my Wings, which is about how I'm addicted to sex and details my conquests, but there's a happy ending for me. I can't go into that as it would be a spoiler.
Confessions of a Sex Addict is a book of four stories tied together by a narrator. The stories sure sizzle and yet there's love spread throughout too.

Drew, why does the title of this post sound as if you are some type of wizard?

Oh yeah, (smiles) that's because there's loads of magic in my story. My best friend and the girl I share a home with has a shop in New Orleans that sells magic spells and potions. It sells other things too, but Marianne, that's her name is descended from women who were what you might call real witches. Her mom preferred to be called a spell weaver but there you go. 

Do you mind people knowing you're a sex addict?

No that's part of the story. 

What is it about sex that you love so much?

You're kidding right, no, okay well I love women, their softness, their skin against mine. I love to trace along their waist and hip, the shape, the feel of their gorgeous ass as I grab a handful. Breasts are divine, just the feel of a nipple under my fingertips drives me insane. I want to suck and knead and drag their clothes off to rub my mouth along their neck. Hell don't tell me that sex isn't the best thing ever between a man and woman, or whoever your preference turns you to. If you love someone that adds a special something, but seriously sex is like a gift, and that's how I like to treat my ladies too. They're gifts. I'm caring, so don't think I'm not. I give them the best time I can and they come back for more so I guess I'm doing something right.

Wow, so you're not in love then, because you're not the faithful type by the sounds of it.

(Looks hurt and runs hands through hair.)
If the person I love, loved me back I'd never even look at another woman. I can't begin to tell you how much I love this woman. I ache to make love to her, dream about her...this is painful.

Tell us about your job, what do you do?

I help Marianne with the  shop, do tours around the New Orleans sights,  and I'm a sound engineer, and I'm often hired to work on the many movies and TV shows that are filmed in New Orleans and surrounds. It's a good life. I get to work in both my loves. I earn a good salary when I'm with a movie or TV show and I've put a lot into Marianne's shop and the house, because we've known each other for years and she needed help there. It's my pleasure to help her in any way. We bought the next door stores when they went out of business. I had it all renovated and knocked into one big place. Marianne was delighted. That made me happy. 

Let's have some quick questions, just answer with the first idea that comes into your head.

(Grins) Really, this could be fun or horrible

Jeans or a suit?
Jeans mostly but suits when I need to
Shorts or briefs?
Is this about underwear? Okay so boxers and shorts.
Leather jacket or denim jacket?
Hell, I have both and wear them both, do we have to go on?
Favorite food
I guess I'm a guy who will eat most things that taste good. I even eat fruit. (laughs)

We don't seem to be getting much out of you Drew. Is that because you have put up a wall around you as an addict? Is that because you hide your true self?

Actually I don't hide it. Everyone I know calls me a player, even Marianne, and all the girls I make love to. Hey I'm in demand, truth be told, although I do crave sex most of the time, I do try to be kind, gentle, tender. I can't settle down with anyone, that's because I'm still hoping to be loved by the one I love. 

Okay, describe yourself.
Dark hair, blue eyes, tall, I work out so I guess I'm in good shape. I like music, and listen to is as I drive around. I'm friendly, helpful... what else? I like animals, but when Marianne's old cat died she wouldn't get another.

What plans do you have for appearing in another story?
I think my story is told and more than likely there'll be no follow up. You gotta read the story to know why. (smiles)

Thank you for coming along today, Drew. Choose an excerpt for us before you go.

(Gets up and kisses my cheek.)
Thank you for inviting me. I hope I haven't left a bad impression. You're so pretty by the way. I left some flowers in reception for you. Come over to the shop sometime, Marianne will fix you up with any spell or potion you want. Read my story, it will tell you more about me than anything else. I don't want you to think I'm some awful person. (smiles his gorgeous smile and walks off)

5 star new release,  #confessions
"When I first saw the title of this book, I thought it would be too lurid for me. To my surprise, this book is comprised of four well written HOT erotic romance stories... 

The characters are well written. The story lines offer a chance for love, magic & potions, secrets and an illicit work place romance."

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Here's Drew's excerpt.

He turned from the mirror, ran his hands through his thick dark hair, and padded to his armoire. Drew flicked the hangers along absently. He paid no attention to the clothes hanging there. His mind tumbled with luscious memories of the night before, to a young woman, whose name he couldn’t remember, with her thighs open to his hungry gaze and his fingertips. Her panties, just a scrap of black lace, revealed the contours of her sex as they caught in her damp slit. He loved the scent of arousal as he peeled the panties from her, loved the bare, wet welcome of her pussy as he bent to lap at her folds, and suck on her delicious clit. Drew sighed, recalling how he’d soaked up the accelerating sighs and throaty sounds of pleasure as he pumped his fingers in her. God damn, I love sex, love the smell, the rush, the overwhelming waves of pleasure…it’s not an addiction…I just love sex is all. His cock stirred at the pictures in his head.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 Ra Publishing All rights Reserved

Gina Watson visits the blog today with #boxedset The St. Martin Family Saga #giveaway launch

Sizzle Book 1 in the st. martin family saga: emergency responders:
A Louisiana fireman, Clay St. Martin liked his hoses bound tight and his women bound tighter. He’d not had a traditional relationship in years and was positive he’d found the answer to all his needs and desires: The Hoodoo Pot—Baton Rouge’s elite members only sex and bondage club.
Eve Ivey had escaped the clutches of her evil ex, but still she constantly looked over her shoulder. That is, until she met Clay. At six feet five, he was a king among men. She’d certainly like to be his queen.
He’d rescued her from a hurricane’s lashing winds and rising water, but his first mistake was in bringing her home. Yet she’d had nowhere to go. A bigger mistake would have been not going back for her.
And now neither of them wanted her to leave. The only thing to do was let the storm rage outside while they focused on the personal storm raging between their bodies.
A storm that was advancing on their hearts.
Sieze Book 2 in the St. Martin Family Saga: Emergency Responders:
Mia was in trouble.
She was alone and she was scared. She prayed for a miracle, and then she met Augustine. A Marine, turned sheriff, named after a saint.
 Augustine Roy liked his job as Sheriff of East Baton Rouge Parish. He liked the town and the town’s women, some said too much, but he’d never heard any of them complain. He wasn’t interested in monogamy, a fact most single women in town had come to understand. He loved his family and friends and when his best friend, Clay, needed his help, he jumped at the chance to use his skills as a former Marine Corps field extraction expert.
While Augie thrived when life ran calm and controlled, his current situation was anything but. Mia had entered his life and dumped it on its head. To top it off, she was so not his type. He preferred large breasted Southern blondes with experience in the sack. Mia was slim, Canadian, and to his utter disbelief, a twenty five year old virgin.
But then he’d gone and married her . . .
 . . . and then she’d passed out.
When Mia woke, she had a new name, and a new ring. She just hoped like hell she’d not missed the wedding consummation.
Surge Book 3 in the St. Martin Family Saga: Emergency Responders:
He was twenty-eight, she was eighteen.
Everyone around them opposed their love.
But their love was much greater than the sum of their ages.
Clara’s family took Jackson in when, at the age of seventeen, he’d lost his parents. The St. Martins were the only family he had. When his connection with Clara developed into something stronger, he couldn’t feel remorseful. What he did feel was warmth, hope, and love. Ten years later it was time to tell the family—he wouldn’t let their love be a lie any longer.
When he came to live with them, Clara knew one day she’d marry him. She just didn’t know her family wouldn’t be on board with the plans. Sure, Jackson was much older than her and yeah, they’d jumped the gun on intimacy, but she’d needed Jackson’s touch that day and he’d needed hers. They planned to marry once he finished medical school, but when Clara’s brother found out about their two-year relationship he beat the good doctor’s face until he was unrecognizable.
Jackson couldn’t see a way  they could be together and she wouldn’t have to make a choice between him and her family. He knew what it was to go through life without the support of family and he wouldn’t let her choose him over the St. Martins.
Will Clara and Jackson be able to have a future together, or will her family tear them apart?
Author Bio:
I lead a double life. By day I’m training young women to become speech therapists. At night I sip red wine, dial down all distractions, and sink into the fictional worlds I create. Good tunes on my iPod are a must. I get so caught up in my characters that I truly wish the male hero would materialize in the flesh; especially when I see the cover image…I swoon.
I have spent the past several years working as a university instructor. My students are young adult females so I’m constantly running plot lines and book covers by them. They make a great beta team!  I love my job at the university but there is something I love even more. . . romance novels. I'll read any genre as long as there are steamy sex scenes and the standard issue HEA ending. Initially I was drawn in by the escape and sweeping emotion of it all, so much so, I began to create my own fictional world.
Since I worked during the day my nights were consumed with writing. I was powerless to stop the stories that wanted to be freed from my mind. I actually started to get mixed up. I would think something I wrote at night was something I had said during the working day and vice versa. My friends were worried for my sanity but I assured them I had not gone mad, I was just writing. Once I started I wrote upwards of 3,000 words per day.
It was in the early millennium when I became brave enough to share my stories with others. I began to post my stories on fiction websites and then something marvelous happened—I was followed by hundreds of eager readers. I loved my followers and their kind words helped motivate me.
These days I am writing books and I’ve learned some things about myself during the process. I like to write series novels because I have trouble letting go. I like a little plot with my romance, erotica, contemporary. Call it what you will, but I have to have a good story in which to sink my teeth. If I start writing a story I have to finish it, even if it’s terrible.
My dog is my muse and when he tilts his forehead at me and blinks his large black eyes questioningly at me, I think he is worried I've been sucked into the wormhole of the very fiction that I write. I appreciate his concern but I have yet to fall down the rabbit hole. Here's to everyone else in my boat, may our voyage become a permanent destination.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ginawatsongina
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ginawatsonauthor
Website: http://ginawatson.net/

Need a hand with some house repairs? Must meet #sexy handyman today in Sunday #SexySnippets

Seven sexy sentences today from Handy Hubby Hire one of the shorts in
 Love at First Sigh
Just released contemporary sizzling romance

Griffen Fox drew a deep breath as he watched Sara walk down the hall to her office. He grinned as he took in the sight of her soft ass in her cutoff jeans. Made for grabbing…she’s made for fucking. Pretty, beautiful eyes, lips that make you want to bite them hard as you ram her onto your cock. Damn, Griff, that’s a little over the top, get a grip, and start work. He opened the front door, clicked up the catch so that it wouldn’t lock him out, and went to his truck. An old F500, he’d covered the tray top and made space there for tools and supplies. 

©Elodie Parkes 2014 Hot Ink Press, All Rights Reserved

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'Love at First Sigh' release day, Hot Ink Press releases two sizzling romance stories #NSFW #excerpt

Sizzling Hot excerpt: From Handy Hubby Hire story two in Love at Fist Sigh

He lowered his head. His fingers slipped in her silken hair. His cock strained at his jeans. As his lips touched hers, his stomach dipped. Her mouth soft under his so right, her lips, just as he’d wanted, so seductive, he touched along the seam with his tongue. He nibbled gently at her bottom lip and she opened her mouth for him. Griffen moved a hand down her back and took a handful of her ass. The sigh that escaped his mouth as he kneaded there surprised him. His desire swamped him. He crushed her stomach against his rock hard cock and thrust his tongue against hers. A low moan formed in his throat. His desire spiraled dangerously close to loss of control. He reigned in and softened his hug.
She slipped her arms around his neck, molded her body to his. She gave him kiss for kiss, bite for bite, her soft murmurs growing louder, as he lifted her, and she wrapped her legs around his hips. Her crotch teased, so warm against the column of his erect cock, he enjoyed it even through his faded jeans.
He thrust against her. “Fucking hell, you’re so hot…” His words whispered against her lips sent tingles back onto his. He shivered with the need to strip her naked and suck on her breasts.
She clung to him. “I want you. I need…”
Griffen held her close trying not to rush. He kissed down her neck, rubbed his lips on her satiny skin, and resisted the urge to bite. He burned for her.
Her gasps in his ear sent spikes of sensation through his cock. It leaked against his shorts. He carried her to the table and sat her down. He smiled at her as he moved the coffee mug safely away. Sara’s eyes dark with passion, excited him, as he recognized how much she wanted him. His body ached to have her skin naked against his. He went to her, dragged her T-shirt up and off her. He grabbed her breasts as he kissed her. Griffen’s desire beat at him, made him just want to take her, fuck her so hard. He pushed her down onto the table, his hands tracing her stomach, the curve of her hips, he bent, and sucked her pebbled nipples one by one into his mouth, and groaned as her fingers made trails of tingles over his ears, into his hair.
He pulled her jeans and panties off together.
She kicked off her slip-on shoes for him. “Take your shirt off.”
Her murmured request forced more pre-cum from his cock. He fumbled with his shirt buttons, and when half were open, he dragged it off over his head.
Sara sat up and held out her arms.
Griffen went into them. When she traced her fingertips along his chest and down to dip into the top of his jeans, he thought he’d come. Spill into his jeans right then, as the soft fragrance of her skin filled his head, and the cool touch of her fingertips made his cock jerk.
He buried his face in her shoulder as she opened the zip in his jeans. His breath came in gasps as she pulled them down his ass. He groaned when she took his cock in both hands and grasped it hard. He thrust into her hands.
“That feels good…” His voice hoarse with desire, he forced his orgasm away. Sweat beaded on his forehead and down the middle of his back. He trailed his fingers down Sara’s stomach to her entrance, slid them in her cream. Desire overwhelmed him. He lifted her with one arm and thrust two fingers into her pussy, curled them in her wet welcome, pumped them as he sucked on her neck.

Her hands sheathed and stroked his cock. She built a rhythm so that he moaned, found her mouth to kiss her desperately, murmured into her open lips, “This is killing me.”
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014, Hot Ink Press All rights reserved

The first thing people ask me concerning this release is about the title. They say ‘is that a typo, shouldn’t it be Love at First Sight?’ No, it’s not a typo :-)

 This book is a duo of red-hot contemporary romance stories, Pina Colada and Handy Hubby Hire. The stories feature a love at first sight thread, but initially it’s huge physical attraction to each other when the couples meet. They sigh with lust and then the romance develops.

Here’s the blurb for Handy Hubby Hire
Tired of the maintenance jobs mounting up in her house, Sara hires a handyman. She never dreams someone like Griffen Fox will show up to fix the faucets and back yard gate. Sparks fly, but will they lose their heart to each other?
And for Pina Colada
When Emma takes a long weekend vacation in a warm beach resort, she meets the very handsome Matt Tyler. They spend an idyllic few days together. Will this only be a holiday romance?

I wanted my male characters in the two stories to be very different personalities and yet still similarly alpha enough to go for the girl they wanted sexually right away.
Matt Tyler in Pina Colada is fun and almost dares the heroine, Emma, to engage in lust driven sex. He also gives her romantically exactly what she needs on her holiday break in the sun. Picture the white sandy beaches, the pale green almost transparent ocean, frangipani perfumed, warm night air and a drop-dead gorgeous man, who wants you…bad.
Griffen Fox in Handy Hubby Hire is visually a bad boy, muscled with a swirling black tattoo and an old truck. He’s capable and calm, but underneath the professional exterior simmers…sex…lust…red-hot desire for the heroine, Sara, as soon as he sees her.
He tells her what he’s going to do. He gives her what she’s longing for and then…something happens to him…something unexpected.

As the writer I like Matt very much, but Griffen, well, he’s an absolute darling.